Louise B

Vera is a very knowledgable teacher of pregnancy yoga. I look forward to her Tuesday evening session all week. The classes are diverse and relaxing and I can really feel a tremendous benefit from doing them regularly now. I would urge anyone who is pregnant to participate as it really is great for mind, body and bump! It is even more important during this time of life to take a moment to breathe, stretch and connect. Vera also incorporates some of the key hypnobirthing philosophies and preparations including positive belief in your body, which is absolutely essential for a peaceful birth.


After one of Vera’s classes I get a sense of well being, a peaceful relaxed state of mind and I know I’ve worked hard. She has a calming voice and constantly gives you direction so you really benefit a 100% from your class. My favourite class.


I have been regularly going to Vera’s wonderful yoga class on a Thursday evening for a long time now, and every week I look forward to it. She is really knowledgable and her words carry you through the session in a calm, gentle and consistent manner. Vera creates the perfect balance of challenging moves and meditative relaxation, in a beautifully lit and peaceful environment. I feel held and supported by her guidance. I always leave Vera’s class feeling more centred, grounded, calmer and definitely stronger! Thank you Vera


Vera is a wonderful and encouraging teacher; she teaches in a way that allows you to tap into your breath and enjoy every movement. I deeply enjoy her classes!

Phoebe T

Vera’s classes are wonderful. She is helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The pace is ideal, and the positions are challenging but always achievable. I leave every week feeling peaceful and strong. Thank you, Vera!


Highly recommended – Vera is a really great yoga teacher, with the most soothing voice. It is wonderful doing her yoga in the park as the sun is setting.


Vera manages to simultaneously calm you whilst working your ass off, I ache the next day but leave feeling fantastically rejuvenated. Would definitely recommend to anyone!


Vera’s clear and methodical instructions, her active observation of everyone participating and consequent helpful advice for corrections really make you feel like you’re in safe and caring hands throughout her yoga classes. The classes are always unique, incorporating a variety of different movements in a steady and thoughtful way that take you on a new journey each week. I always leave the classes feeling warm, refreshed, in touch with my body – and ready for dinner! I would definitely recommend these Dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes to anyone who wants to strengthen and challenge their body. Thank you Vera!


After trying several different yoga classes and teachers over the years I never stuck with a regular practice, until earlier this year I joined one of Vera’s vinyasa classes. I felt so inspired and confident because of the way she teaches that I couldn’t wait for the next class. I now have a regular practice, with deep gratitude for Vera!